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Oxtalk keeps up with technology

January 24, 2013

The following article appeared in the Memory Lane section of the Oxford Mail on December 24th 2012. The full text of the newspaper article is included below the image.

Scan of Oxford Mail article: Oxtalk keeps up with technology

Scan of Oxford Mail article: Oxtalk keeps up with technology

“From clumsy metal discs through to C90 tape cassettes and later C60’s,  OXTALK, Oxford’s talking newspaper for the visually impaired, has survived all the technological changes to arrive at memory sticks on which to send out the local news.

The first tapes were sent out in 1979. Back in the 80’s all the operations needed to produce the cassette tapes took a long time.  Indeed it was quite a social occasion with refreshments halfway.  Sadly in some ways we have sacrificed this camaraderie as the process is so much faster now and the time needed is only half what it was.  After using various locations across the city OXTALK now records in the studios of Radio Cherwell at the Churchill hospital.

Volunteers help with gathering the news, recording, copying and technical operations.  Several have given their time since the early days and have seen the many changes in working practices.

For nearly 2 years listeners have been receiving weekly memory sticks to play on a sound orb provided by OXTALK which they find clearer and of better quality than tapes.

OXTALK is a  free service to the listeners and as a charity receives no regular funding.  Raising funds is done by the volunteers when new or replacement equipment is needed.  We are always pleased to welcome new volunteers.  We can be contacted  via the website  at  www. oxtalk.org.uk.”

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