Talking newspapers for blind and visually impaired people in Oxford & district

Listen to Oxtalk News

There are various ways you can listen to Oxtalk Talking News:

Listen Online

Firstly, you can listen here online. Please visit our Listen Online Archive to see the current editions available digitally.

USB flash drive delivered to your home

Secondly, there is a free subscription service whereby Oxford’s local news is delivered each week to your home in mp3 format on a USB memory stick.

Notice re access via Alexa or Google device or by phone

Due to an enforced change of supplier, changes will be made to the Oxtalk system after February 15th 2022. Access to Oxtalk by phone will no longer be available. Access to Oxtalk through Google device will not be available until further notice. Once we have been notified by our new supplier that the system is live, instructions on how to access this will be supplied.
Access via an Alexa device will change, with instructions as follows:
The Alexa skill will need to be enabled. Normally this is done by simply saying, ”Alexa, enable Talking Newspaper”, although this could vary depending on how your device has been set up. Once your device has confirmed that the skill has been enabled, to access Oxtalk each week you need to use the following procedure:
Say, “Alexa, open Talking Newspaper.”
Alexa will respond, “Welcome to the Talking Newspaper skill. Please say the name of the newspaper or a town or city you would like to hear from.”
Say, “Oxford & District Talking News.”
Alexa will respond, “Do you want to listen to Oxford & District Talking News?”
Say, “Yes.”
There may be some variation to this process as Alexa learns to access Oxtalk on a frequent basis. However this procedure will get you started and can continue to be used to play Oxtalk. If you have any problems setting up your Alexa device to listen to Oxtalk it could be to do with the way your device has been configured, or you may need to use the Alexa app on a smartphone or tablet to carry out the setup.

More information

If you know of someone who you think could benefit from our Talking News service, please email mail@oxtalk.org.uk.

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